Memento Series “Meteor”

    I love the sky.
    I like to look at the stars and the moon, and I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve walked into a ditch looking at the sky and fallen into a ditch, or hit a telephone pole on my bicycle.
    (I’m just the type of person who finds space itself scary, so I’m afraid to go there.)

    My mother and sister love celestial bodies and space. My mother is interested in space itself, and my sister likes planetariums and myths involving the constellations, and they have often talked to me about celestial bodies ever since I can remember.

    When I was very young, I saw a shooting star for the first time near a mountain. I learned then that shooting stars are not like the ones you often see in picture books, but are really just a line of stars that disappear in an instant. When I said to my mother, “If it were that fast, I wouldn’t be able to make three wishes,” she told me that a shooting star is a piece of a star that burns up and disappears. I remember I felt very sad when she told me that it was a star that was about to burn up.

    Stars are dying, too. I was too young to understand it.

    I was too young to understand, but what had been like a beautiful, magical princess suddenly seemed like a small, familiar presence.
    This may have been due to the fact that my beloved bird had just gone to heaven at that time.

    It seemed terrible to entrust my wish to an existence that would disappear at any moment, and from then on, whenever I saw a shooting star, I would mutter in my heart, “It was beautiful. I would only murmur a final ale in my heart.

    Then time passed and I became an adult.
    When I looked up at the night sky and observed the meteor shower when it came to earth, I felt that there must be many people in the world who are making wishes right now.
    At the same time, I realized that people’s hopes and wishes have existed since ancient times and have been passed down to future generations.

    It shook me to think that people have always wanted to have hopes and wishes in every situation, and that the next generation will inherit this nature.
    The meteor shower made me realize that people do not give up their wishes and hopes in any age.

    Memento Series “Meteor”

    It is very strange that a being that can disappear at any moment is a symbol of hope and wishes. People’s wishes have been entrusted to such beings.

    They are beautiful to the end and leave gently.
    I imagined how wonderful they would be if I compared them to people, and since then I have come to think “Thank you to the end” in my heart.

    I painted this picture hoping to depict the power that flows shining through that great sky, the transience of the momentary dispersal, and the tenderness that they bear at that moment.

    No matter how many months and days pass, they are beings to whom wishes are entrusted. Meteors remind us in their own image not to give up wishing until the very end. They disappear today carrying someone’s wish, saying, “I will carry your wish on my back.

    I love such beings because they are so kind.


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