Art release_en

Art release_en


Broaden your Vision. Continue your journey. The past that you have seen Some phantom of beliefs. And the future you see It is an illusion that has not yet been realized. Don't be haunted by the phantoms of your past visions Connect your visions to the future Beautiful and strange things that are not of this world, Unusual and strange things you've never seen before, A sight so strange you'd think you were dreaming. The images you will encounter on your journey Is it a dream, a reality, or a vision It is up to you to decide. Today I hold a vision. With a vision that leads to the future.


Eyes on Collection “Lina” was minted at Foundation

She gently puts her hand on her cheek and looks into our eyes gently and a little provocatively. A gentle, loving smile floats in the depths of her enchanting eyes. We have minted a new Artworks "Lina" in Eyes on Collection. With a name that means enchanting, messenger, and precious beauty, Lina smiles at you with her beautiful and charming smile. To me, a smile is the most beautiful and precious expression a person can have. Lina is a messenger of smiles that brings such a smile to you. Did her smile reach your heart?


【『Connection』Auction ended】Akimaru-sama welcomed us.

Hello. The auction for the Connection has ended. We received bids from Mr. Akimaru and Mr. Kaiketsu Z, and Mr. Akimaru won the auction with a bid of 0.3 WETH. During the auction, both of you gave us very nice compliments on our works, and both of us, Ku and I, are very grateful for your kind words. I would also like to thank all of you who warmly commented and quoted and retweeted to me and Ku this time. Your words were an encouragement to us. We will read each and every comment carefully and respond back to you. We will continue to create works that will bring warmth to your hearts. Maho

Art release_en

Memento Series

Thank you for taking a look at my new series of works [Memento series]. Let me tell you a little about how these works came to be. In recent years, due to a prescribing error, my constitution has changed, and I have been having a bit of a hard time in my daily life. I had always had a personality that many people would describe as innocent, but because of this, I suddenly became more and more aware of the existence of death, and it has become a familiar presence in my life, both physically and mentally.

Art release_en


The background of the Memento series, which is a new series I have started to create, is a little different from my previous works. In a previous note, I wrote about how the Memento Series was born. This time, I would like to write about how it differs from the previous works. I have three things I want to express: "the world," "people," and "inside myself. I have three things I want to express: "the world," "people," and "inside myself. So far, I have painted an illusory world and an ideal person.

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