Memento Series


    Thank you for taking a look at my new series of works [Memento series].
    Let me tell you a little about how these works came to be.
    In recent years, due to a prescribing error, my constitution has changed, and I have been having a bit of a hard time in my daily life.
    I had always had a personality that many people would describe as innocent, but because of this, I suddenly became more and more aware of the existence of death, and it has become a familiar presence in my life, both physically and mentally.

    I am sure many of you have heard the phrase “memento mori” (memento mori).
    It is a Latin phrase meaning “don’t forget your death,” but it is said to have originally meant “enjoy the present moment because we will eventually die. Due to events such as the plague, the meaning of the word “memento” became closer to the meaning of “remember death,” which is widely known today, and people at that time became aware of death on a daily basis.

    The word “memento” seems to mean “do not forget,” “remember,” or “remember.

    Suddenly, I was given a thought.

    The “end” comes not only to me, but also to the other person, and not only to people, but to everything.

    It is a matter of course. I understood it in my head. But there came a moment when I felt deep in my heart that this was very important and something I must not forget.

    I began to wonder if I would have done that or said that if today was my last day.

    I believe that because we believe that all people are limited, we are also able to respect them more.
    I realized that sometimes we can live better because we recognize that there is an end. (Of course, there are still scary times.)

    This flower will wither, so you will take care of it so that it does not wither.
    You will feel the beauty and preciousness of the scenery in front of you because you wonder how many more times you will be able to see it.

    When our hearts tend to sink, the things that are still there and the presence that stands by us are covered up and obscured.
    When the heart is closed, its beauty is hidden from view.

    However, it is precisely at such times that we must not forget, that we must remember.

    The softness of the wind on our cheeks, the soft moonlight at night. The warmth in the cold soaks into our hearts, and the glow of the surface of the water calms our troubled minds.

    The world was full of beautiful and encouraging things when I remember.

    Even the rain amuses me when I think that the plants and trees are happy.

    If today was my last day, when I close my eyelids, I would think

    I would like to think, “After all, the world was still beautiful.

    In this series, I have tried to depict what I felt, what I don’t want to forget, what I want to be reminded of, what I want to remember, and what I want to remember.
    I will paint what I feel, what I want to remember, and what I want to remember.
    In terms of expression, the history of “canvas painting,” “line drawing,” and “portrait painting” since I first started painting is evident throughout the series.
    It would be a great pleasure for me if there is a scene in this series that you can share with me.

    〜I hope you will find your own Memento scene in this series.


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