Memento Series “Terra”

    ⁡This painting was the first grand theme that made me wonder if I would be able to paint it.

    Not the earth [but the ground].

    The earth is grand, but the ground is grander.
    It includes the sky.
    In fact, we might say that the earth belongs to the ground.

    Birds in the sky and insects always return to the earth.
    When they sleep, they descend to the earth.
    Then they are free to leave the earth and fly away again.
    Everything that lives belongs to the earth, and it is the place to which it will return in the end.

    It is a large space and a quiet foothold that welcomes us.

    [Mother Earth].
    Perhaps this word was unconsciously in my mind, but when I first painted this figure, it was close to a woman.

    However, as I drew the figure, I realized that it was different, and it gradually became the figure it is today.

    This is not the earth, but the ground.
    As a larger being, I felt both paternal and maternal, so it became an appearance that is not quite either.

    Memento series ”Terra”

    “Ground” The space of all living things.
    The vast realm that stretches out before our feet.
    Joy in spring, liveliness in summer, tranquility in autumn, and sleep in winter.
    It is the place where trees grow for the sky and birds fly in the sky.
    The place where we are born and where we return.

    The Memento series is a “manifestation of what I feel inside me” as opposed to “an expression of what I see with my eyes and think is beautiful. It is also a spiritual world, and I don’t think there is much of a gender concept in it.

    Therefore, I think that many people may see my Memento series in either way, depending on how they look at it.
    One day, my body will return to the earth.
    I do not know in what form it will return.

    At that time, I would like to leave this world with a smile on my face and be welcomed into the warmth of the earth.

    And just as I was welcomed back in the past, I want to be a part of welcoming the life to come again with a smile and warmth.


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