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What it means to be NFT

The NFT is a tag that identifies the creator and ownership tied to the data of the work, proving that my work is mine; the NFT is inscribed on the blockchain, a storage device that cannot be tampered with, and will remember my work until the next generation.
Many of my paintings have been converted into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). I want people to know that they are my works because they are linked to my feelings.

Value of full-on chain NFTs

Some of my works is as an on-chain NFT, where all the data of the works is inscribed on a blockchain.
Our lives will all come to an end one day. That is why I want to leave the precious scenery I felt and the proof of my life to the future.
On-chain NFT is able to tie this thought together.
I would like to continue this wonderful activity of leaving my works to the future as my lifework throughout my life.

NFT Collections

Memento Series


This world is full of beautiful and encouraging things.”

The existence of the end touched me unexpectedly.
That is why I have come to know these beautiful and precious landscapes.

The gentleness of the wind caressing my cheeks, the soft moonlight at night.
The warmth in the cold seeps into my heart, and the glow of the water calms my troubled mind.

Memories of starry nights, beautiful snowy landscapes, and the many stories that color the world.

This is the story of my life.


In the Memento Series, I have dynamically and exquisitely expressed my unforgettable and cherished mental images and my own wishes to be remembered.
Around the symbol of the world depicted in the center, the wind dances joyfully and the stars twinkle as if singing, coloring the one and only world.

Meaning to convert to on-chain NFT
A person’s thoughts and wishes disappear when that person passes away. Therefore, I have put my wishes and thoughts into the form of Memento and inscribed them on the Symbol blockchain in the form of on-chain NFTs.
The on-chain NFT also records all image data linked to the token in the blockchain, and the data will neither be altered nor disappear until the day when all the decentralized nodes in the world cease to exist.
The proof of my life will remain forever.
What do you think of these works of art, scooped up in a moment of shining life?

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Eyes on Collection


Sway her hair softly and look at us.

Happy, happy, lonely, sad.

What kind of scenes do you see in the eyes of these girls with various expressions on their faces?

Eyes on is about the view in the eyes of beautiful women.
The women in Eyes on stand by my side, gently and sometimes harshly embracing and encouraging me.
The women depicted have a variety of expressions and gestures.
And the emotions in their eyes make me imagine what they are thinking and feeling right now.
We invite you to imagine the scenery and people you see in their eyes.

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Foundation Eyes on Collection

Hanafuda collection


Winter passes, spring buds, summer shines and autumn burns.

The thoughts that were put into a single karuta card are layered upon one another, and a new lyric poem is spun out.

Twelve stories are depicted along with the seasons.

The 48 pieces of flower karuta handed down from ancient times have been given a new lease of life. The story unfolds based on the flowers, birds, winds, and the moon scattered in each month.
Each month’s story is woven from four cards. The story consists of multiple months told as the seasons change.
The best part of this Hanafuda series is that the story is completed only when multiple cards are collected and arranged. When you have collected the various roles such as “Inoshika-chou,” “Kacho-fu-getsu,” “Tsukimi-zake,” and “Hanami-zake,” you will receive a special edition of Hanafuda.
Collect the colorful hanafuda and try to line up your favorite roles.

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OpenSea Hanafuda Collection
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