Sinfoniart “Spirit”

The World of Sinfoniart

Sinfoniart is a work that combines art and sound, as indicated by the Greek words sin “together,” phone “sound,” and art “art,” each representing art.
The word “sinfonia” is the Italian word for it.
In making Harvestale, the term “Sinfoniart” was created to express in words the fact that it is a work in which my unique sound and painting resonate together in a way that cannot be expressed through ordinary collaboration.

I am an expression of my inner landscape and emotions. It is the world of pictures and sounds that has shaped me.
The picture books that were read to me as a child.
The sounds of nursery rhymes sung to me.
Through the piano, I encountered the world of classical music and was exposed to many forms of art.
For me, both of them are very important things that I cannot do without.

Lineark “Spirit”

Sound on Lineark

Lineark is that
“I want to scoop up [my] [someone else’s] feelings that certainly existed.
“I want to leave behind the feelings I felt at the time because they will disappear someday.”
This work was born from these thoughts.

Linea is the Latin word for line, and Ark is the Ark.
I named it with the hope that the lines I have connected will take me to a new place while overcoming difficulties. I express my feelings directly with line drawings and transparent watercolors, which I have been drawing for a long time.

I decided to put sound on this Lineark.
Lineark is a work that expresses “me as I am now. By layering the sound of the “me of the present” on top of it, I can express the raw world of Lineark, which is possible only in the present.

The present place where the life-size Maho stands. And a signpost leading to the future.

We hope that you will enjoy the Lineark that has become Sinfoniart.

Lineark “Ciel”
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