About Mahorobart


Mahorobart is a digital picture art works by Maho.
I paint a wide range of digital works, from fantastical artwork that looks like a picture book door picture, to portraits of beautiful women that look as if they have feelings, to watercolor paintings that project my own feelings on the subject of a fantasy world.
The number of works I can paint at any given time is limited. That is why I put my pen on the pen and paint the important feelings that I can only paint at that moment.

My Picture Art Works

Scenery in precious memories

Canvas paintings began when I used to make accessories and started to paint them to display with my store. I have painted on canvas my favorite subjects such as birds, butterflies, horses, and wind, as well as the imaginary worlds evoked by classical music such as Saint-Saens’ “Aquarium” and Beethoven’s “Pathétique”.
And little by little, the world of my canvas paintings began to reflect my inner world.

The digital artworks I am currently working on are the Memento Series and the Mahoroba Fantasy Series, both of which are based on my canvas paintings.
The Memento Series depicts memories that I do not want to forget, memories that I must not forget. And these treasures are inscribed on the blockchain as on-chain NFTs so that they will continue to shine even after I am gone.
In order to deliver the precious to the future, Memento Series will continue to draw as my life’s work throughout my life.

Memento Series “Meteor”

In the beautiful eyes

Eyes on Collection “Yugen”

The women in my paintings of beautiful women are always there to encourage me. They inspire and support me sometimes with their smiles and sometimes with their gazes.

In this series, I feel the world outside the paintings through these women.

What kind of scene are these women seeing?
I imagine why she has this expression on her face.

Is she happy or sad?
Is it anger or determination?
Is it anticipation or disappointment?

It is up to us, the viewers, to decide what we are feeling at that moment.
We can recognize “the outside world = our situation watching them” by the way we perceive their facial expressions, gestures, and their appearance.

If we feel happy, she will be happy with us.
If we feel sad, she will be sad with us.
If we feel it is a face of determination, she will push us back.

What kind of scenery and people do you see in her eyes?

Eyes on Collection captures a moment of these women’s stories.
Think of the stories of these women shining in the light. They express the beautiful women I envision.

Cutting through the emotions of a moment

There is something I realized after I started painting.
I do not want to paint landscapes or beautiful scenes, but rather, I want to preserve the emotions I felt at the time and the sensations I was moved by as a scene.

Beliefs and wills do not change so easily, but feelings change day by day and hour by hour. Tomorrow, this feeling may change to another way of feeling.

even though it has changed, the feelings that existed there are still there. The feelings for others. Even if they are not conveyed, they are still there. Even if it disappears tomorrow, it is true that you were there at that time.

I want to scoop up [my] and [someone else’s] feelings that were certainly there.
I want to leave behind the feelings I felt at that time because they will disappear someday.

Lineark is a work born from these thoughts.
Linea is the Latin word for line, and Ark is the Ark.
I named it with the hope that the lines I have connected will take me to a new place while overcoming difficulties. I express my feelings directly with line drawings and transparent watercolors, which I have been drawing for a long time. Please take a look.

Lineark “Strelitzia reginae”

Mahorobart NFT

Many of my paintings are inscribed on the blockchain as NFT.
My work is what I thought and felt at the time on the canvas. nft is the tag that proves I am the author. It proves that I was here.
There are many works that were created because of the NFT.
Please take a look at my NFT.

Mahorobart NFT

Mahorobart ArtWorks

My paintings are displayed by collection.
The works can also be viewed in a slide show.
Please take a look at the trajectory of my works from the past to the present and into the future.

Mahorobart ArtWorks

Mahorobart Museum

My paintings are permanently exhibited in various metaverse spaces. I have composed and arranged music to match the atmosphere of the works so that visitors can view them in a relaxed atmosphere in the museum.
Each museum is a work of art in itself, so please visit the museum and enjoy my world of art.

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