Memento series ”Aqua”

    The background of the Memento series, which is a new series I have started to create, is a little different from my previous works. In a previous note, I wrote about how the Memento Series was born.
    This time, I would like to write about how it differs from the previous works.
    I have three things I want to express: “the world,” “people,” and “inside myself. I have three things I want to express: “the world,” “people,” and “inside myself.

    So far, I have painted an illusory world and an ideal person.

    For example, an ideal fantasy world.

    For example, an ideal beautiful woman.

    But there are quite often times when I want to express my inner world with sound and color.

    Since I have always painted on canvas, I have often expressed my inner world on canvas.
    However, when I wanted to paint, I could not prepare the painting materials immediately, and the timing was often not right. Also, although I wanted to paint a lot of canvas paintings, I had to wait for them to dry, which required a lot of energy and stamina.

    However, with the birth of the Memento series, the third part that was missing was filled in 😊.

    Even with digital art, I was able to paint what I wanted to express.
    This work taught me that.

    Memento series ”Aqua”

    Water is the nurturer of all life.
    It quenches thirst, cleanses the body, and washes away dirt. It is the source of life that continues to circulate in the earth and in our bodies.

    I want to paint light.
    I started to paint without worrying about the type of brush I was using.

    I painted as I was led by the person who was gradually taking shape.

    I painted as if I was being guided by someone who was gradually taking shape.

    The person I met when I was finished was someone I had wanted to meet for a long time, not only colorful and perfect lines, but also distorted, free, and very beautiful.

    In the Memento Series, I want to express both “the beauty of seeing” and “the beauty of feeling I want to express both “beauty to see” and “beauty to feel.

    This Aqua is the first work that led me to express “the beauty of feeling” without being bound by concepts.
    It is a special work, a first ear for me.
    When I look at this work, I can go back to the origin of this collection.


    Past works can be viewed from the “Sold” link.
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