Memento Series “Ignis”

    The second piece in the Memento series is Ignis “Flame”.

    Flames have been an essential part of human history, and it is said that only humans can handle fire.

    A small flame
    Big flam

    They can warm us, but they can also be dangerous depending on how they are handled.

    A blue flame is very hot, even if its color is cool.
    A flame can even burn you, not to mention others, if it is not handled properly.

    Memento Series ”Ignis”

    Flames can even be beautiful.

    Interestingly, flames can also be used as a metaphor for the human heart, as in “Burn your heart! It is also used to express a passionate heart, as in “Burn your heart!

    People are passionate about different things, and there are people who seem cool but have very passionate passions.

    There are many people who don’t look passionate at first glance, but their hearts are hotter than anyone else’s. They are burning but don’t feel the heat.

    They are burning, but they don’t feel the heat.

    Sometimes their passion is small and sometimes it burns big.

    It disappears when the wind blows, but it grows bigger when it is stirred up.
    It disappears when water splashes on it, but even water evaporates it.

    It is a wonder.

    There are times when the human heart also feels like it is about to be defeated, and there are times when it feels like it will never be defeated.

    I like both of them because they are human.

    Depending on the time and situation, people have both, and some people don’t show it.

    Every flame is in a person’s heart.

    I wanted to depict that kind of flame.


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