Memento Series “Ventus”

    Ventus is such an important word to me that it is also my trade name when I was active in other fields in the past.


    My name means “ship” and “wind” in the ancient Chinese language.
    It is a word that expresses how a sailing ship is propelled forward by the wind.

    If you ask me what I would like to be if I could be something else, I would like to be the wind.

    I have never wanted to be something that has life, and if I have been asked such a question for a long time, my answer has always been this.

    There is me when I am like a gentle breeze, and there is me when I am like a great storm.

    I bring rain clouds and they don’t like me, but after the rain goes away, there is a rainbow.

    After the wind passes by, the wheat field glows and breezes.

    I play in the sky with them, helping the great eagle, and gently push the backs of the chicks as they try to spread their wings to the world.

    What the wind brings is beauty after the fact.
    What it carries is life.

    Memento series 3 ”Ventus”

    Wind is something that carries.
    It flows and flows and always has no destination.
    Invisible to the eye, unbounded, it changes form. It pushes our sails, pushes our backs, and teaches us freedom.
    The kind of person I want to be.

    If I were the wind, I would want to pass by and feel the many lives that live without staying.
    And I want to circle around and come back again.

    The flow of time and the flow of wind are similar.
    Even if the scene has changed at that time.

    I want to be someone who can accept that.


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