Memento Series “biSyom obl”

    Congratulations on the first anniversary of Symbol.
    I usually do not create works inspired by Symbol, but this is the first time I have created a Symbol-inspired work on this auspicious occasion. In the past, I have taken the liberty of creating goddesses from the emblem of nem, and created a story for each of them. At that time, I imagined three goddesses from the three colors and assigned them as shown here.



    Nadia, the blue goddess who influences like ripples on water.
    Her name means 〘hope〙.

    Era, the green goddess who continues to run at the forefront in the midst of upheaval
    Her name means 〘Era〙Era〙.

    Madeline, the red goddess of strength in any situation
    Her name means 〘Trust〙.


    This painting continues that element.

    The ripples of water spreading at our feet, the birds continue to fly with the winds of the times that always blow, the crown is a sign of trust

    And already we have arrived at the point of the moon, which is illuminated. And the Symbol mark is raised higher than the position of the moon.

    Memento Series “biSyom obl”

    The mark also has a slightly different design to blend in with the painting.
    Like a decorated shield✨.

    I’ve also used nem’s colors throughout the painting.
    I am a painter who values a cohesive and unified view of the world, so it was quite difficult to use the Symbol logo this time so that none of the elements stand out, which made it a challenging work in a sense for me.
    Many of you may find the title of this work strange. If you have noticed, you may have guessed that the word was hidden in the title.
    However, I am a person who loves word play and imaginary language, and I love ciphers and anagrams. Not only is that word hidden in there.

    It reads [biSyom_obl] bishom=obl.

    Recently, I started writing with the letters hidden in the picture (did you know that?). But this time, I hid the message in the title.

    The explanation of the picture is written above, but the meaning of the title is not described.
    The title is an anagram of the Maho language, and only the successful bidders will be able to know the meaning of the title through my message. (Of course, if the winning bidder wants to keep it secret, he/she can of course keep it secret. I love secret codes too.)

    I would like to change the subject and write my thoughts on the first anniversary.
    The past year since the birth of Symbol has been one of great change for me. I have been called [artist] more and more often. I don’t know about other people, but I am very happy because this word has a special meaning for me. I believe that the word “artist” is not something you say yourself, but something given to you by others, including the way you live, think, and think. (This is just my personal opinion, so I am sorry if I have my own opinion about it.)
    Until then, I was often referred to as a “painter.
    A gallery owner once told me, “There are two kinds of art.

    There are two kinds of art.
    One is the pursuit of novelty, and the other is expression with a thought or message.
    These are the two types of art.

    Other than these two types, creators and craftsmen have stronger colors.
    Therefore, he said, creators and craftsmen are required to have high skills, but that is not the case with art, which is both interesting and difficult.

    I think I am probably the latter type of person who has a strong “expression with a message”.
    I will never forget how happy I was when I was introduced to @GT_symbol as “an artist’s introduction” when my painting was displayed at his Metaverse Museum for the first time.
    And I believe that @GT_symbol himself is an artist who loves art.
    If you go to a museum, you will see many kinds of art.
    There are pictures that change shape when you look at them, photographs, humorous illustrations full of history, paintings of beautiful women, oil paintings, and photographs with messages.
    The entire museum expresses art.
    I believe that the museum receives thoughts from the artists, seeks new forms of art, and changes the way of displaying art while conveying messages to visitors.
    I am sure many of you have visited the museum before, but I encourage you to visit and meet many artists.

    There are many others who are pursuing newness and conveying messages, and I believe that each of you is an artist if you are proud of what you are doing.
    This year has made me strongly think about that again.

    I probably won’t be saying “I am an artist” very often. But I would like to continue to do my best in the second year so that people will continue to say so.


    Past works can be viewed from the “Sold” link.
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