From Mahorobart to Harvestale

Harvestale is a word I coined, combining the words “Harvest” and “tale,” meaning “a fruitful story.
In Mahorobart, I depict my mental landscapes, female figures, and emotions. The paintings are important and precious works of art that give form to my thoughts and feelings. However, I felt that they lacked something to express me.

After much thought, I found the answer in Harvestale.
I have been exposed to a lot of art since I was a child. I remembered that my world was colored by many pictures and sounds. Neither of them could express me if they were missing. I realized that.

In Harvestale, I express my story by putting sound on my artwork.
I also use the technique of “sound symbolism” as a compositional technique. I played my own music by using the symbolic title of the artwork as the sound.
I will continue to paint colors and sounds so that my story will reach many people.

Sinfoniart (N)FT

Sinfoniart is a (N)FT work that combines art and sound, as indicated by the Greek words sin “together,” phone “sound,” and art “art,” each representing art.
The word “sinfonia” is the Italian word for it.

In making Harvestale (N)FT, the term “Sinfoniart” was created to express in words the fact that my unique sound and painting resonate together in a way that cannot be expressed in a normal collaboration.

Harvestale, which is spun out by putting sound on my drawings, is a work in which the drawings and music are all engraved on the blockchain as [Sinfoniart (N)FT]. In addition, taking advantage of the cross-chain characteristics, I would like to reach more people by issuing multiple FTs on both Ethereum and Symbol chains, although in limited quantities.

Lineark “Spirit”

Harvestale Discography

On this page, you can listen to the music I composed and arranged.
I have prepared separate players for each of my compositions and arrangements. Please enjoy a moment of healing.

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