2022.11.7 Harvestale Activation

    2022.11.7 Maho’s new project “Harvestale” will be launched.
    Harvestale is Maho’s world of color and sound, a story created by putting sound to Maho’s drawings, combining painting and music.
    Each Harvestale piece is inscribed on the blockchain as a Sinfoniart N/FT, a symbol of the resonance of Maho’s unique sounds and drawings together.

    Harvestale’s first Lineark Collection “Spirit”
    Lineark is a collection that expresses “me now”. By layering sounds on top of it, it expresses the world of Lineark that is possible only now.

    Spirit is also a representation of myself, but also someone who holds a sword in front of me and protects me.
    Every person has his or her own Spirit, which is surely a way of life.
    When we face ourselves, we are very lonely. There are times when we feel lost and defeated.
    Still, in order to look forward, to take a strong step forward, I painted the world of this picture with pictures and sounds.

    Sinfoniart FT is for sale
    Sinfoniart (N)FT is completed by engraving all pictures and sounds on the blockchain.
    By inscribing all the pictures and sounds, I want to leave my precious story far into the future. This is my wish.
    Sinfoniart (N)FT will be issued in limited quantities on both Ethereum and Symbol chains, taking advantage of the cross-chain characteristics, and we hope to reach as many people as possible by issuing multiple FTs.

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